Why PC Tutor Naples?

It started with my mother, Esther, back in 1996.

My husband, Gene and I had moved from Boston to the Virgin Islands on our 47′ Choey-Lee ketch Gwei-Lo, to do term charters, in 1990.

At the time we were the “most booked boat” and enjoyed a lifestyle  most people only dream of.

We sold our beloved Gwei-Lo in  1993 and after running other owner’s boats in charter for three years,  we took a job on a 98′ Med sloop that was to travel around the world, for a private owner.

Before we took the job, we had put all of our “stuff” in a storage locker in Puerto Rico.  Among the cookbooks, clothes and household equipment was our Windows 95 PC.

The new boat that we were running had a computer and all state of the art electronics so we really didn’t need our PC.  When we passed through Puerto Rico on our way to South America, we cleaned out our locker and I sent the PC to Mom.  “I don’t know why you are sending me this”, she said, “I will never use it!”  “That’s OK” I said and had my brother set it up for her anyway.

Mom quickly started using the computer, mostly to play games, but using our AOL account she quickly navigated the “internet” finding online friends who shared her medical condition (COPD) and learning to use email.  That was in July.  By December, Christmas, she was telling me the computer was the best thing that had happened to her and she would just love a new computer for Christmas as the one she had “was just too slow”!

Thus started an adventure for my mother that was to last until she passed away in March 2003.  We traveled around the world on the yacht and I was able to “chat” with Mom almost daily.  Mom was able to look up information on the places I was traveling (although when I was in Bali and she did a search on Bali, she said all she got was a lot of information on bras!), chat with friends to share information on her disease and even shop for groceries and have them delivered to her home.

What a blessing the internet was, especially near the end when she was housebound.

So – Why PC Tutor Naples?

After seeing how much pleasure the computer and the internet brought to my mother when she was unable to leave her home to socialize, I would love to bring the experience to our retirees and anyone who has a desire to get online but has no idea where to start. Maybe you travel back North in the summer or you live in Naples year round and your family is  up North.  Or maybe your family is right here in town, but you don’t want to bother them, but would love to see what the internet is all about.  Maybe you would love to see your parents get online, but are not here to get them set up.

I would love to see everyone who wants to experience computers and the internet have the opportunity, with a patient teacher who is encouraging and affordable, so I have created PC Tutor Naples to help you or your family and friends jump into the adventure.

  • Pam,
    This is a wonderful venture you’re starting! I just now got back to your e-mail and went to your website right away. You are such a good, patient teacher I know many dear souls are going to be blessed as well as you. I’m with you 100%.