Pam Costa

1989: Life was pretty routine in Massachusetts, working for the “Phone Company” for 18 years…then I met Gene Costa!  I quit my job and Gene left his business as a refrigeration contractor, to sail our 47′ Choey-Lee ketch, GWEI-LO, to the Virgin Islands.  This started my life “Outside of My Comfort Zone”!  Over the next 16 years I learned to do things I never dreamed I could do (like cooking, swimming, diving, sailing), traveled to many countries, became part of an international yacht crew community and met many new friends that I keep in touch with through the internet.

During my travels I kept in touch with family and chatted online with my mother almost daily.  Mom had COPD and the computer I had sent her opened up an amazing world that became her lifeline when she couldn’t get out of the house.  She found many friends through her COPD forums, did her grocery shopping, researched the places I was traveling: and that was back in 1996!!  Mom passed away in 2003, leaving behind a community of friends and family that miss her online presence.

I saw the world that the internet had provided for my mother and it left me with a desire to bring that world to others like my Mom, who would love to get in on the adventures, but have no idea how to begin.  I started PC Tutor Naples to simplify computers and the internet and  make technology available to everyone through patient teaching and encouragement.