Something Lovely and Nourishing – Meditation

Cosmic Tornado

Every morning, with the best of intentions and the plan I have prepared the night before, I set out with visions of great accomplishment, whether that be towards my goals or just vacuuming the rugs.

And then what do you know? I find that it is afternoon and I am feeling defeated because I have not accomplished most of what was in my plan. That’s not to say I haven’t accomplished anything – I have actually accomplished lots and I know that my discoveries will be useful someday real soon.

Two weeks ago I had so many thoughts racing around my brain and I had wandered around all of the media input online, my mind felt like it was in the center of a tornado. I was just craving some peace.

While listening to a Tim Ferris podcast interview of Maria Popova from Brain Pickings, Maria said that she started her day with 15-20 minutes of meditation. She listens to Tara Brach’s guided meditations and teachings and said that listening to Tara’s Mindfulness  teachings and guided meditations have impacted and changed her life more profoundly than anybody in her life.

Wow! This was just what my mind needed to hear. So for the past two weeks I have been listening to Tara’s teachings and meditations and I have found such a feeling of peace that lasts throughout my whole day. Though I can’t say that my wandering mind is immediately in focus and accomplishing every daily goal, I can say that I am calmer and much kinder to myself and not reacting to small disruptions that come up during the day.


Below is the teaching that has had a powerful impact on me this week .

Be All That You Are


Be All That You Are
We are conditioned to live in stories that obscure the vastness, goodness and mystery of what we are. This talk explores the ways we construct a limited self-identity and the pathways to realizing and living from a fullness of our Being.

Be sure to visit Tara’s website for more teachings and meditation.