Pam CostaYes, you can learn the computer skills you need to enjoy the internet without having to wait for your kids to help you or attending a crowded class.

My name is Pam Costa and I want to welcome you to PC Tutor Naples – a place for you to dip your toe into the waters of technology and the internet; a safe place for you to Learn, Discover and Connect.

The internet opens the door to a magical world of adventure and wonder where you will discover everything you can possible imagine and some things you didn’t even know existed. Your computer, phone or tablet is just the key you use to open the door.

Our mission at PC Tutor Naples is to guide you with a clutter free starting point, simple explanations of how things work and lots of encouragement to get you going on your adventure. All you need to bring with you is curiosity, imagination and a thirst for learning.

YOU Can Do It! – Yes YOU!