Pam CostaYes, you can learn the computer skills you need to enjoy the internet without having to wait for your kids to help you or attending a crowded class.

My name is Pam Costa and I want to welcome you to PC Tutor Naples – a place for you to dip your toe into the waters of technology and the internet; a safe place for you to Learn, Discover and Connect.

The internet opens the door to a magical world of adventure and wonder where you will discover everything you can possible imagine and some things you didn’t even know existed. Your computer, phone or tablet is just the key you use to open the door.

Our mission at PC Tutor Naples is to guide you with a clutter free starting point, simple explanations of how things work and lots of encouragement to get you going on your adventure. All you need to bring with you is curiosity, imagination and a thirst for learning.

YOU Can Do It! – Yes YOU!


Blog Challenge!

That's Me - The Beginning of My First Life Changing Adventure 25 Years Ago!

The Beginning of My First Life Changing Adventure   25 Years Ago!

This is something that I have been choking on for a very long time!

I won’t go into what has been holding me back just yet (hint: I bet it is the same thing holding you back from doing what you would love to do!) but what finally broke down the wall for me is a blog challenge that I joined this week.

Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend has started  “Start-A-Blog” Challenge; a 7 day writing habits course and though I am technically on Day 4, this is my post for Day 1.

In order for me to get the full benefit from the course I am going to just write, publish and move on to the next day’s writing prompt; no obsessing about perfection – in grammar, punctuation, message. I know deep down that this practice will move me to where I will be able to share helpful information and give you all the most value that I possibly can.

I am so grateful for this challenge and you giving me the opportunity to share my journey.

So here is my first official post:


I’m Pam Costa, Founder and Chief Encourager at PC Tutor Naples!

I am a “Baby” Boomer who is far from being a baby in age! and a tech geek from the days when I was a kid and watched my favorite cartoon, The Jetsons and dreamed of living in that world of the future (for me it was all about the “microwave” oven – I was too busy reading and doing other things to bother eating…).

I have traveled quite an adventurous path, by land, sea, computer; meeting new people, sharing stories and learning new things every day. I also learned and am still learning, about myself – what I love, what I am passionate about and what I am capable of that I never thought possible.

I have so much that I am excited to share with you, but because this is my first official blog post I will stop for now and push that “Publish” button!

Let’s do it!!